Climate Change

Effects of Climate Change on Our Life

We are nothing without nature and environment, but at present, the environment is at stake. Our environment is experiencing a number of challenges than ever. If anyone is thinking that environment change wouldn’t affect his/her life, then it’s a totally wrong concept because climate change will surely affect all those things that we care about.

The balance of our adorable planet has been changed a lot in the past years. We have been burning fossil fuels of vast quantities (like gas, oil or coal), cutting down huge amounts of forests that were capable of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air in a natural way. These alterations in the environment affect our lives in many ways and we have already started witnessing different adverse effects in our surroundings. Let’s discuss some of the outcomes of climate change.

Climate Change and Forests

Climate ChangeForests play a pivotal role in our planet. These incredibly important forests absorb carbon dioxide (the major greenhouse gas behind global warming). Forests are also helpful in regulating the overall climate of the world. Dense forests house uncountable vast species of plants as well as animals. However, the good news is that many positive initiatives are taken nowadays in which multiple communities, businesses, as well as local governments, are working together to protect the forests of the world.

Climate changes adversely affect forests in different ways, however, such effects can differ in different forests. Sub-Arctic boreal forests have been affected very badly. Apart from that, tree lines start retreating north with the enhancement of the temperature.

Amazon is one of the very popular tropical forests and it is a land of extensive biodiversity. Even a little amount of climate alteration can put tremendous negative effect to this forest and even a vast part of this forest can disappear.

Climate Change and Human Health

Human health is greatly influenced by surrounding nature and climate. Changes in climate directly affect the basic necessity of a human being- air, water, food, shelter, and security. Hence climate change has a great impact on the human health.

The temperature of the earth has been increased for more than the last century. Perhaps, you might have heard that some places are experiencing excessive drought and some other places are experiencing heavy downpours and these natural calamities are greatly affecting the lives of all creatures.

The effect of climate changes can vary from person to person. Citizens of the developing countries are the most susceptible to health hazards. Pregnant women, children, and aged people are more vulnerable to threats of climate change.

Climate Change and Wildlife

Global warming is posing serious threats to wildlife in this century. According to a report, an average rise of 1.5°C might make 20-30% of species fall in danger. In case the temperature of the earth rises more than 3°C, then most of the ecosystems will face dangerous situations. Due to the abrupt change in climate, most species can’t adapt to it, resulting in the extinction of those species.

Climate change can pose many challenges and so proper initiatives should be taken as early as possible.

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