Europe's Heatwave

Climate Change Increases Europe’s Heatwave

We have been witnessing that hot days are getting hotter day by day throughout the globe and we are undergoing fewer cold days. More than the past decades, high temperatures are getting recorded and as a result, heat waves are generating. It has become a common issue all over the world and specifically in Europe. The issue of heat waves is really a matter of concern for the world.

Europe's HeatwaveBy midcentury, in case the emissions of greenhouse gas have not been curtailed considerably, then it can pose a great threat to the world. Now, you might have realized how the overall environment can get affected by these hazards.

Threats Resulted by Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can enhance the risk of some other kinds of disasters. One of the most common consequences of heat is drought and that can make an environment of more excessive heat because the energy of sun acts as a catalyst in making air and ground hotter rather than in the evaporation procedure. Such a hot and dry environment also enhances the risk of wildfires.

Human Health

Excessive heat is one of the dangerous natural disasters and more and more people are getting affected by natural calamities, including lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods etc. Extreme weathers can pose a threat to the health of people. Our body has been designed to work best in a specific temperature, but in case the external temperature is rising drastically, it will also make influence on the internal environment of your body.

High humidity, accompanied by enhanced nighttime temperatures happens to be one of the sole causes of generating heat-related health issues. Heat stress starts generating in the body of human beings that is longer to cool itself properly.

Usually, the human body maintains the temperature by sweating process, however, in times of high humidity, sweat can’t evaporate quickly, resulting in heat stroke.

If the heat continues in the night as well, it can result in discomfort that can cause significant health issues, specifically for the aged people. A worth noting point is that the temperature of our planet is increasing with the passage of time and that’s not a good sign for our environment.


High temperatures throughout the night can pose a damaging effect to agriculture. Some of the crops have a requirement of cool night temperatures and such situation can pose significant problems to them. Cattles can also get affected by heat stress and it can result in alleviation of milk production, growth, and conception rates.


Higher temperature during the summer days will significantly increase the demand for electricity for generating a cooling temperature, as per the observation of the past many years. Simultaneously, higher temperatures can lower the capability of transmission lines in carrying power, resulting in electricity reliability problems in times of heat waves.

Climate and weather are different concepts and it’s the alterations in a climate that increases the issue of the heatwave in Europe. So, all the intelligent personalities should come forward and take small positive steps to fight against this problem in an effective way. Even the Nuclear plants are being forced to shutdown after this heatwave.

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